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WKRP in Cincinnati was one of the best sitcoms ever…

but if you watched it now, in it’s current form, you may notice that it’s missing something.  Something say… je ne cais quoi?  Well if you get the feeling you’ve been cheated, you’re bang on correct.  See, WKRP in Cincinnati was set in a late 1970s radio station and the whole plot revolves around the decision to change the station’s format from easy listening to rock and roll.  The show’s creator, Hugh Wilson, went to great lengths to make sure his fictional radio station had the rights to play all the biggest hits from the period to give his creation some legitimacy.  The problem with that is, it costs mucho deniro to do this and over time, studios weren’t about to shell out the kind of clams it would take to keep the show on television in it’s original state.  So they cut scenes, they overdubbed lines and worst of all, they replaced the music with sound-alikes.

This week on NewbsRadio we look at the music, scenes and dialogue replaced and create a map starting with the very first song lifted in the pilot episode, Ted Nugent’s Queen of the Forest.

To wet your WKRP whistle, check out the video below and hit #6 to jump ahead to the hilarity that is Les Nesman‘s ground account from the Turkey’s Away episode:

Note: the music that you hear right after Les Nesman‘s feed goes down should be “It Came Out of the Sky” by CCR.

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