Hosts Christian Zyp and Eric Newby take you on a journey from Point A to Point A, mining the connective tissues of popular culture to reveal the sometimes cannibalistic and most-times incestual state of the modern entertainment industry. Each episode of NewbsRadio begins with one song, artist, movie, event, or moment in time, endeavouring to connect it back to itself by way of a convoluted, comical, and calculated web of culture mapping that you will have to hear to believe.

Newbsradio.com is all about connections.  Connections in a historical context revolving around the entertainment industry.  The show is loosely based on the BBC Television Program from the late 70s “Connections” with creator/host Dr. James Burke .  If you haven’t seen Connections you should check it out – it’s REALLY REALLY interesting.

So what can you expect from newbsradio.com?  Well here is a quick example:

If today was (it is currently for us, okay?) April 29th, 2013.  It’s a special day for two reasons.  Just two, because we said so.  One: Today is producer, artist and Beatles collaborator Klaus Voorman‘s birthday.  Two: it’s also the anniversary of Sir Alfred Hitchcock‘s death.  So, let’s try and connect Klaus to Sir Alfred through entertainment history shall we?

Klaus Voorman is known for his work as a bass player for Manfred Mann and later, the Plastic Ono Band with John Lennon and Yoko Ono.  He also won a Grammy in 1966 for his cover-art for the BeatlesRevolver“.  Revolver contains the Sir Paul McCartney jam “Eleanor Rigby” which rocked a string octet arranged by Sir George Martin.  The inspiration for the arrangement came from Bernard Herrmann’s score for Sir Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho”.  Boom goes the dynamite, sir.

That’s a quick example of how the show will go, however, normally we will bring it back to Klaus Voorman by way of a different path which takes time, and we’re tired from being up late re-watching the Royal Wedding . No, the Charles/Diana one… on Betamax!.  That Di was one piece of ace.

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