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Welcome back!  If you’re following along at home, you know that we’ve crested the fulcrum of season 1 and it’s all downhill from here.  Last season we enjoyed a visit from Santa, co-host David Newberry was clinically dead for about a minute, we had Alan Cross, Dan Leroy, Lee Newby, Seema Narula, Sarah MacDougall, Corbin Murdoch, Karyn Ellis and Doctor Newbinski just to name some past guests.  You can go back and listen to any of season 1 by either subscribing to our back catalog on iTunes by clicking subscribe up top, or you can single out an episode with the episode index drop down menu.  It really doesn’t matter, though if you subscribe you won’t have to do anything, pixies hand deliver the episodes into your iTunes through black magic I’m sure.

So that brings us to season 2!  This season we have planned some exciting new things for NewbsRadio, but you’ll have to listen to find out what I mean.  In our first episode we are focusing on the classic Bill Murray comedy, What About Bob?.  From there we go through Tom Hanks’ the Burbs, Dazed and Confused, Adventures in Babysitting, Airplane! to get back to What About Bob? as if by magic (see pixies reference above).

The difference this time around is that we will be accompanied for the entire ride by comedian and bonafide Episcopalian (citation needed), Vancouver‘s own, Ben Mills.

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Looking forward to another season of NewbsRadio!  Hope you are too!

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