This Happened Once: Rolling Stones play London… Ontario

It was 46 years ago today, the Rolling Stones‘ show in London… Ontario, was cancelled due to rioting.

My guess is that it was probably the last time the Stones set up a date in London… Ontario.

These old TV appearances from the 60s are hilarious.  Instruments not plugged in, background vocals sans microphone, bad miming on instruments not even used in the recording.  Can you believe people believed they were singing/playing the song live back then?  Keith Moon was notorious for exploiting this as seen here on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour back in 1967.  When the song starts up, listen for the pitch bend as the audio operators started the tape a little too late.  The explosion at the end of the song sinks a chunk of cymbal shrapnel into Moon’s arm and takes out an even bigger chunk of Pete Townshend‘s hearing.


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