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One of the Newbs got married last month and decided to use George Harrison‘s “Long, Long, Long” off the White Album as a processional song.  Though it seemed like a dark horse kinda choice, it ended up working out absolutely totally awesomely PLUS it gave him a reason to dig deeper into the record and more specifically the 4 songs by George Harrison off that record which include “While My Guitar Gently Weeps“, “Savoy Truffle“, “Piggies” and “Long, Long, Long“.  The album as a whole was a soundtrack to the Beatles breaking up and the sound of George Harrison reaping the benefits of Lennon/McCartney‘s growing indifference.

On our journey back to the Beatles White Album we touch on the work of Producer Chris Thomas, Elton John in the 80s and the Muppet Show.  We were so lucky to have Kootenay Co-op Radio‘s Station Manager, Jay Hannley, to help us through the Muppet portion – we can’t think of a bigger Muppets fan than he.  Thanks Jay!  You can check out to hear local programming straight outta Nelson, BC.

What is your favourite Beatles record and why?  David’s vote is for Abbey Road and our Engineer and Editor Rob Malowany likes Let It Be.  Being as we are all fans of the last three Beatles records, maybe you can give us your reasons why some of the earlier albums are better?  You can always reach us on the twitter @newbsradio or comment on our Facebook page if that’s more your cup o’ tea.

Our next few episodes are going to be WILD as we are going to pick topics out of a hat again.  You may recall back in season 1 we ended up putting a whole bunch of place names in a hat and picking them out at random.  David got Hamilton and Eric got Sweden.  This time we are taking submissions for place names to start and finish our maps.  Submit them today by commenting below.


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