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The Warren Zevon podcast…

was probably the most enjoyable show we’ve done in some time.  Mostly because it really felt Zevon inspired.  Most times when we formulate an episode we are mad scrambling around, feeling like we have serious OCD, changing our minds about how the show should go and then changing it again.  But at the end of the day, we have what you know as a materpiece.  Ha, okay maybe not a masterpiece but certainly we can put this podcast in with the Excitable Boys.

Warren Zevon was a man, and he was more complex than a Rubic’s Cube made from a dodecahedron and it was a pleasure getting to know him, if only for a short while.  Along the way we get to gab about one of our favourite Canadian bands The Odds and somehow scored an interview with the Kids in the Hall’s Kevin McDonald.  Go figure!  A big thanks to Craig Northey who really helped tie the map together with his fascinating past and for letting us use his song from his project with Rob Baker from the Tragically Hip, Stripper’s Union.  And thanks to our listener Steph for her show suggestion and lending me Warren Zevon’s biography: “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”.  This one is for you!

We hope you enjoy this Warren Zevon Podcast and we hope at the end of it, you get listening to the Excitable Boy and not just for Werewolves of London.

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