The U2 to The Clash Podcast

NewbsRadio - U2 to The Clash Podcast

This week we decided to do something a little different, since we are two different people and we have different tastes we wanted to make a super map that starts with a group that David likes (U2) and he was challenged by Eric to get a band he likes which ended up being the Clash.  While it’s actually pretty easy to get from one to the other, we took the long way and made what is going to be split into two episodes.  In this episode, David takes us on a journey from U2 through Meatloaf (of course) and somehow and ends up getting to the Clash in the most round about sort of way.  Next time Eric will get back to U2 from the Clash without touching on any of David’s map elements!  So look forward to that!

In the coming weeks we will have some awesome episodes including a Rage Against the Machine map with guest GGGarth Richardson, we’ll have a round table discussion about analog vs digital recording techniques with some of the crew down at Wolf Willow Sound, a show which revolves around George Lucas‘ movie American Graffiti and a show that delves into the question, why do some songs on the radio have swears, and others are bleeped?

Lots of good stuff, we’ll be asking you, the listener, for input via twitter so follow us if you don’t already – we love to get listener input.

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