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The Sibling Podcast was mainly the result…

of David and I’s laziness as we decided to take some time off to enjoy the end of summer without the constant pressure of delivering the hard hitting cartographic research you’ve come to expect from NewbsRadio.  Trust us, it was worth it as we are now back map-making and promise that we will be there for you always and forever from now on*.

Everyone loves substitutes don’t they?  I remember grade school, when we’d have a substitute teacher that meant a really slack day, like we wouldn’t have to do the usual rigamarole arithmetic, we’d just get to watch nature videos or finger paint or talk about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles while listening to Appetite for Destruction (no really this really happened when I was in grade 5).  But if you think you’re going to get a free pass just because we’ve let our sisters take the wheel and drive, THINK AGAIN.

Sioux Newberry and Diana Newby worked hard on this gem of an episode for you where they’ve taken the sibling ball and run with it composing an entire map connecting siblings or family members to siblings or family members in hopes that they go from the Bee Gees back to the Bee Gees.  Along the way they will touch on The Jacksons, the Wilsons, the Wainwrights and just maybe the Osmonds if you’re lucky.  They also tracked down Canadian Country music duo and twin sisters, Carly and Julie Kennedy, to help with the mapping and snagged a song to play out the show! Hit to find out more and Carly and Julie Kennedy.

We hope you enjoy this episode of NewbsRadio and if you’re into it, tell us what you think, how did the Newb sisters do?  You can comment on the blog here or on our Facebook page or twitter by clicking the links at the bottom of the page.

Oh and here are some links to the videos mentioned in the podcast so you can keep up:

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