The Rick Rubin Podcast

The Rick Rubin Podcast NewbsRadio

The Rick Rubin Podcast

We feel absolutely terrible about putting out this episode of NewbsRadio late, your cards and letters were appreciated.  We are okay, nobody got hurt we just had to do a quick reno on the episode to make it all perfect for all your listening holes. So we hope it’s worth the wait.

This week we look into the expansive career of producer Rick Rubin and our map is completely Rubin based whilst going from his work with Johnny Cash back to his work with Johnny Cash.  Along the way we hit on the Beastie Boys, Tom Petty, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Jayhawks.

We promised that we would put up this clip from Arsenio Hall back in 1993 when the Beastie Boys debuted their song “So Whatcha Want“.

We would like to thank everyone for sending in suggestions for future shows and we’d like those to keep coming.  As described in the episode we want two suggestions: first, a musical element like a band, or a musician or a gig or a date with historical relevance in a musical sort of way.  Second, a random element – could be ANYTHING. Then in future episodes we’ll be pairing up and using your ideas at random to make upcoming episodes.  This should be real fun so get involved by suggesting either by way of our Facebook page or by the twitter – links to each are at the bottom of this page.

Next episode has to include No Doubt and… suicide – you dark muthas!!!  Thanks to Darcy in Edmonton for one suggestion and Jasmine in Winnipeg for the other.

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