The Polyphonic Spree Covers Neil Young

Polyphonic Spree Covers Neil Young

Neil Young’s Heart of Gold Covered by The Polyphonic Spree has been consistant with their AV Undercover series where they have a band cover another band from a list of songs generated by user submission.  Once a song has been covered it gets crossed off and so the deeper you get in the list, the fewer options you have.

In this episode we have The Polyphonic Spree who’s front-man Tim DeLaughter used to have a band called Trippy Daisy, maybe you’ve heard of them?  The band is at face value sort of a musical cult, all wearing sometimes matching robes but strip away the visual and it’s clear that they are single-handedly making band geeks round the world practice a little harder at the tuba or the oboe or the glockenspiel in hopes that one day, they too can open up for David Bowie.  At least, that’s where I saw them perform for the first time during Bowie’s Reality Tour back in 2004.  Also Bowie related: I talk about the first time I saw David Bowie in our Station to Station episode which you can hear, here:

NewbsRadio – Station to Station (Bowie to Bowie) Podcast

Watch below as AV Underground sets a record for the most amount of people inside the little recording room they use for this segment as The Polyphonic Spree cover Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold”:

The Polyphonic Spree covers Neil Young

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