The Pixies Doolittle Tour 2011 in Vancouver

Pixies Doolittle Tour 2011 Vancouver Orpheum
At one point this Pixies show sure looked a lot like a Great White show...

I didn’t want to rush writing this review.  It being the first time seeing the seminal post-punk, pre-grunge inspirtators (not a word – thanks spellcheck) I had no previous Pixies experience to draw from.  I am quite certain I would have had a chance to see them as a kid, 10 or 11 years of age, if my parents would have let me (they wouldn’t have), but seeing them on their second-second-chance tour as it were I couldn’t help but think about what it would have been like seeing them back in tha day.  Having heard about Kim Deal‘s DEAL with learning all the material again for the 2004 tour, I was happy that she only had to relearn Doolittle this time.  She nailed it btw.

I was also giving up my v-card to seeing a show at the Orpheum here in Vancouver.  What a beautiful place to see an opera – it was honestly too nice for the aging hipster populus.  Anyone will tell you that after seeing a band at the Orpheum, the slant of the seating makes it next to impossible to see passed someone standing in front of you but after the first few B-sides were out of the way in the setlist, everyone was content to stand for the remainder of the show.  The Orpheum, though being a beautiful venue, is not the kind of place I would like to see a rock band play at, simply due to the the room acoustics.  It’s REALLY boomy.  I don’t know where the soundboard was but from where I was sitting, I couldn’t hear Joey Santiago‘s guitar for most of the show.  It seemed like the band didn’t get much of a soundcheck as the first 4 songs before kicking into Debaser were really roughly mixed.  I can’t imagine the band plays in too many 84 year old venues so I def let it slide.

Black Francis was kind of standoffish to the crowd and to the rest of the band in general.  Kim Deal was a sweetheart between songs, gushing like a kindergarten teacher, and seemed genuine in her appreciation for all of us showing up.  The best song of the set for me had to be David Lovering‘s “La La Love You“.  I am sure most would disagree with me, but he was just SO into it.  But then later in the show he dropped a “How about that local sports team?” cliche to get the crowd rilled up about the Canucks‘ win.  Pretty cheese-ball move man… However, after watching the  2004 Pixies documentaryloudQUIETloud, his over-enthusiasm/complete lack of judgement could well have been drug infused.

To be honest, I really didn’t have much of a grasp on the band’s history, my knowledge was strictly driven by their 6 album catalogue.  After watching the documentary I found a new respect for the members.  They were a band certainly ahead of their time.  Some would criticize them for doing reunion tours like this strictly as a money-grab.  But after seeing loudQUIETloud it’s clear that their current success in the wallet area is much deserved considering the amount of influence they have in the modern music area.  When David Lovering describes the moment he gets the call about the reunion, you can see in his eyes he really needed it.  It’s not as if Don Henley was combing beaches with a metal detector to make ends meet before the Eagles reunited.

To watch loudQUIETloud you can do so by watching this first 10 minute instalment below and then clicking through to the next 8 (there are 9 in all).

Did you go to a Doolittle Tour show?  If so, what did you think of the Pixies’ on-stage chemistry?  Do you think tours like this are warranted or are they for the most part cash grabs?  Write your comments in the box below.  And use the buttons at the bottom to Fan Us! on the Facebook and Follow Us on the twitter.


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