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Paul’s Boutique is…

now one of the most respected rap albums of all time, it just took some time for everyone to take notice.  Critically hailed as genius but too different than their debut “License to Ill” to be commercially viable the album was branded a bonafide flop.  At it’s root, it was a sampling masterpiece which came out at a time before landmark cases against the use of sampling made it economically impossible to ever compile and release an album quite like Paul’s Boutique ever again.  It was unabashedly ahead of its time – a gamble by the Beastie Boys and their new label Capitol Records which would take more than a decade to pay off.

Today on NewbsRadio we celebrate the album for what it is – a veritable buffet of soul, funk, jazz, rock and rap samples laid underneath the voices of three young men vying to cancel out the sophomore jinx.  In keeping with our NewbsRadio format, our Paul’s Boutique map starts with the very first track on the album and by way of the samples used on Paul’s Boutique, we end up on the last thing you hear on the album.  If you don’t already know, that happens to be the same song – making Paul’s Boutique an exquisite choice for a NewbsRadio podcast.

For his expert and first hand expertise we talk with author Dan LeRoy who wrote the most definitive book on Paul’s Boutique33 1/3 Paul’s Boutique.  Dan reveals that during the writing of the book he unearthed some key players in the Paul’s Boutique history like Matt Dike – we find out just who this guy was and his integral role on the record.  On the subject of samples we break down just what was sampled, how many samples there were and at the end of the day were they cleared at all?   If you enjoy Paul’s Boutique, Dan’s book is a must read which you can buy off of for like $15.

And just in case you are wondering, that give away IS legit and we will keep our promise and send you a prize if you are the first to get us a valid station ID via email at

So sit back, relax, and enjoy as this episode will make you want to get this classic album out and listen to it again, for the first time.


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