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I am not expecting our music piracy podcast

to be featured on iTunes, as with our Copyright Infringement Podcast, iTunes seemed to take exception to the content based on the title alone.  So you’ll probably have to listen to this one straight off the NewbsRadio site.  But then, who knows right?

The episode was born out of a conversation that the NewbsRadio Three were having after our last session.  We wanted to do a special episode to discuss the ins and outs of music piracy and the threat, or maybe not so much a threat, it poses to the music industry as a whole.  It’s a complex subject so we had some help from friends, industry people and listeners alike.  If you sent in some feedback, thank you!  We tried to get to everyone, but as you can hear, we kind of ran out of time and had to tie it up leaving one loose end.

That loose end was where we wanted to provide some possible solutions to the music piracy issue.  I’ll start.

I had an new/old fashioned idea to stop piracy that he’d like to present in this following script:

Dad: “Son, I was going through the history on the browser and saw that you were on a torrent site? What up with that?”

Son: “Oh gosh Dad, it’s the 30s! (2030s).  Only nerf herders (this dis is suddenly very appropriate in the 2030s) buy music!”

Dad: “You know we don’t download music in this household, mister!  Now I am taking away your mindlink TCP/IP for a whole week. Go to your space room.”

{End scene}

So what about you?  How do you propose we move passed this music piracy bump in the road?  We did have some input regarding this including Bill from who said that in order to disuade people from downloading his music, he attempts to “establish a social (if mediated) relationship with [him].”  Because it’s a lot harder to steal from someone you know personally right?  Great point Bill!  Thanks for that.

So what about you?  If you’d like to propose a solution, you can right here in the comments below, or you can by way of our facebook page.  Or by twitter to I guess.

I wanted to leave off with a plug for Shout Out Out Out Out’s new record “Spanish Moss and Total Loss” which you can buy from iTunes below.  Or you can catch them in your home town on their upcoming tour!  Thanks to Shout Out Jaycie Jayce for being part of this episode.

Shout Out Out Out Out on iTunes



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