The MTV Podcast

The MTV Podcast…

you are about to hear is a factual as it could be at the time we recorded it.  I say that because the MTV Podcast has the Foo Fighters in it and we don’t mention their untimely break.  It’s only untimely of course because it happened in between the recording and releasing of this episode.  So while we’re still sad it happened, we are looking up to the heavens right now saying, “Why god, why?”.  So being able to take this episode with a grain of salt and realizing that we didn’t know that the Foo Fighters would announce their hiatus is key.  We are normally way on top of these things.  Honest.

We’d like to thank Jay Runham of the J and J Show for suggesting we do a map with the esteemed movie score composer Hans Zimmer which is how this map got rolling in the first place.  Check out his podcast via the link above, it’s wonderful and if you think you are a movie buff, you’re in good company.  From our discoveries around Zimmer we ended up all over the map, as we do, and hit on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the Foo Fighters and the Scream Movie franchise.  Also thanks to twitter followers @andrewwhorton and @choy_facts for adding to our discussion about iPods vs MTV.

There were a tonne of references in this episode so I want to roll them out below:

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