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We’ve been talking about it for a while now and we finally did it. David is hashing out his own episode in Vancouver with past guest and hilarious comedian Ben Mills and so I (Eric) have been approaching potential guest hosts in Edmonton by driving by their houses late at night in neutral with my headlights off. ¬†Somehow I did not creep out CJSR 88.5FM‘s Christian Zyp who hosts a program called Moving Radio. It’s a show based on Canadian film and it’s downloadable in podcast format on iTunes here: CJSR 88.5FM Moving Radio. I convinced Zyp to help out with this episode by giving him FULL CONTROL of the episode content and letting him drive. He found a way to go from Brooklyn’s Living Colour back to Living Colour and he did such an amazing job. Other stops in this episode include author Kurt Vonnegut and director/producer Oliver Stone. ¬†Oh and Rodney Dangerfield too?

We talked about this insane movie with Mick Jagger playing himself, so it’d be a crime to not link to this scene from “Running Out of Luck”:

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