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Sometimes it’s fun to pretend to be young again, to release your cares as an adult and embrace silliness and immaturity.  That’s what it feels like when you podcast for a living, or, when you listen to Jonathan Richman‘s music.  It’s not quite child entertainment, though it’s certainly close, it’s the musical equivalent of mustering the courage to tell your parents that you skinned your knee doing something dumb, well, maybe not dumb, brazen, brave even?

This week on NewbsRadio, David Newberry returns to blow your minds with another great map.  In this episode we are going from Jonathan Richman back to Jonathan Richman via a conversation with music industry mogul, Kim Fowley.  Kim worked with Jonathan Richman in the early seventies and shares some stories about those times and more.  Kim is currently involved in a few projects including producing The Fabulous Miss Wendy and the reissue of the underground classic, Frankenstein and the All-Star Monster Band out August 6th.  A movie entitled Frankenstein Goes Surfing will be released on September 15th to accompany the reissue. The Fabulous Miss Wendy was nice enough to provide us with her track, No One Can Stop Me to play out the end of this episode.

In this episode we also touch on the roots of the Richard Berry classic, Louie Louie in all it’s incantations.  And there are a lot of those to be sure.

Next time on NewbsRadio we chat with John Oates of Hall & Oates and our guest-host will be Kat LeMaster of  Until then, take care!

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