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Harry Nilsson Podcast NewbsRadio


There are times in a man’s life where he must decide if he is going to make a name for himself, or make a name for others. Like a really great shoe salesman who opens his own store, or rather one who works for THE MAN his whole life, wondering what would have happened if he took a chance and branched out on his own. Or maybe it’s nothing like that, but if you ask us, Harry Nilsson‘s career is more like the latter – he covered others’ songs for his bread and butter though he did have some success with his own songs.  He had an interesting life and worked with many other songwriters, which as you know, makes Harry Nilsson a great topic for NewbsRadio.

This week, host David Newberry is away recording an EP so we have Nikki from Toronto‘s Everything and the Kitchen Sink to fill in. Her podcast focuses on highlighting new, emerging artists and Joe Strummer.  She. Really. Loves. Joe. Strummer.  You can check out her podcast here and follow her on Twitter @EatKS.

This week we talk about crazy unrelated things like, Shocking Blue, Lester Bangs and Karate Kid II.

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