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The Graceland Podcast had us…

acting as each other’s bodyguards and calling each other “Al’ while we researched everything we could to do with Paul Simon‘s epic 1986 stomper, Graceland.  The album was released at a time when both David and Eric were at their most virile and I just looked up what that means I even though I now know what it means I am still going to use it.  In fact we are still so virile that we felt confident enough to sway as far away as we could from Graceland and found ourselves at Kenny G albeit only briefly.  Then we took manliness to a new level and had an all-out ball-fest reminiscing about Captain Kangaroo.  We also got to hear from journalist Tom Murray, writer for the Edmonton Journal, who had the juiciest details surrounding the juiciest and most controversial aspect of Paul Simon’s Graceland we could dig up.  Thanks for that Tom!  And like David mentioned, we highly recommend you check out this video for the Graceland track “You Can Call Me Al” which co-stars funny-man Chevy Chase which we’re told is cockney-slang for heavy face.  That’s just something we heard – still needs confirmation from a bloke we know.

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