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Welcome back to your favourite pop-culture connections podcast! It’s been a fast and furious two weeks, glad to have you back on board for another episode. What can we say that we haven’t already said about Gang of Four? Well a lot, since we’ve never mentioned them before nor do we really have a clue about their music. So like so many times before, when we find ourselves clueless, we call on the specialist to help us out. This week on NewbsRadio, we are talking Gang of Four with Bloomsbury 33 1/3 author and english professor, Kevin Dettmar. His book on Gang of Four is out TODAY and you can get it from or or order it through your favourite local bookstore.

  This week, beyond getting schooled in Gang of Four wonderment, we are also planning on: a) eating tonnes of spinach dip and b) kicking some ass. Looks like Christian Zyp is all out of spinach dip. Okay, Zyp never runs out of spinach dip nor does he have a shortage of merch from Canadian bands from the 90s nor can we kick anyone’s ass. We are good at linking videos we talk about and I did tell you to check out Rymes with Orange, so I might as well make it easy for you to do so:


  So there’s that. Also, we’re talking about Randy Rhodes, the Doors last appearance on the Ed Sullivan show, Slade, and asteroid belts? WHAAAA?  It’s all going to make sense when you listen.

  So here are you options for the next 90 minutes or so: have Sammy Hagar grab you the worst chair in the history of on stage chairs, chug back some JD, drink your face off and play bass as good or better than Van Halen’s Michael Anthony:


  Or you could let the professionals manage what you hear for the next hour and a half because that’s got to be why you’re hear. If you can play bass better than a drunk off his ass Michael Anthony (who can’t?) we’d love to see you do it. Leave us links to your impression and also if you do audition for American or Canadian Idol, let us know too. We want to make fun of you congratulate you.

  We are taking our inaugural mid-season break after this episode to catch up on light reading because we just found our sunglasses (they were in the box with the camping stuff). So we’ll see you in a month – in the mean time you can scroll back through our catalog to the other 50 some odd episodes which are all about connections. We just hit 25,000 all-time listens in the past 2 weeks so thank you !  We’re also still giving away books from 33 1/3 so remember to listen for that call to action so you can get some light reading done yourselves.

Take care.


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