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This week on NewbsRadio we get right to the source as our guest on this Daryl Hall and John Oates podcast is John Oates. David Newberry is away touring so we have a guest host to fill in: Seattle’s own tinksaysboo herself, Kat LeMaster.

For this episode we reach back to the early 70s to the early years of Hall and Oates all the way to the present with that awful song “Barbara Streisand” by Ducksauce and EVERYTHING in between.  While that may seem like a lot, and it is, some stand out conversations with Kat LeMaster and John Oates include getting to the bottom of this here promotional video Hall and Oates released way back in 1973.

John Oates also talks to us about his recent appearance at Bonnaroo where he spearheaded this year’s superjam with My Morning Jacket’s, Jim James.  The whole set was recorded and is available via here:

Listen to a recording of Bonnaroo Superjam feat. Jim James, John Oates, R. Kelly, and more

We also learn from John Oates that the whole performance was filmed and will be released later but there is a trailer floating around and we managed to track it down for you here:

Did you know that Hall and Oates are touring???  Check out to see where and when you could see them for yourself.

Last order of business, John Oates has a new music project called A Good Road to Follow where he is releasing singles every month off his own label which may be compiled into a album format down that same good road. The first single is a collaboration with Nashville’s Hot Chelle Rae called “High Maintenance” and the second is with country super-star Vince Gill called “Don’t Cross Me Wrong“. Here is the story behind that song:

The Story Behind “Don’t Cross Me Wrong” with John Oates and Vince Gill

Thanks so much to John Oates for his time and his team at Richlyn Marketing for helping setting everything up! I want to thank Kat LeMaster one more time for helping us out with this episode, it is a lot of work and she did a bang up job.  You can follow her on twitter @tinksaysboo just like we do.

That pretty much wraps it up. Take a listen and I hope you enjoy our Daryl Hall and John Oates podcast! Take care!

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