The Dark Side of the Moon Podcast

Dark Side of the Moon Podcast

The Dark Side of the Moon Podcast

A lot of times you can tell how our episodes will shape up by the graphic above.  But this one is so gnarly (that’s good) we don’t want to give any of the twists and turns away just yet.  In this episode we go from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon back to Dark Side of the Moon without even hitting the light side of the moon somehow.  Along the way we touch on a lot including American musician and songwriter Beck Hansen.

Our call to action this week is for you to go home (or stay home) and put on your favourite movie, turn down the volume and throw on your favourite album and tell us what happens.  I mean, something’s bound to happen right?  You can tell us what happens by commenting below or commenting on our Facebook page.  We want to be able to announce some brand new conspiracy theories so don’t let us down k?

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