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There was a time before NewbsRadio was even a thing to podcast and/or listen to – if you can believe it.  Yep, back then there were pre-existing methods to receive what we’re now giving.  You had James Burke’s Connections series re-runs on TLC for all your degrees of separation knowledge and Alan Cross to fulfill all your music geekery needs via The Secret History of Rock and  So when our own secret meetings were held back in spring ’11 and the production plan was put to action, it was these two main entities which combined would equate to what we were going to try and accomplish.  Mission statement?  Maybe, but maybe it’s more the genesis statement and we didn’t even have to ask Phil for permission this time.

Now flash forward one year and 8+ months since we gathered in our engineer and editor Rob Malowany‘s living room and we’re about to wrap up our second season of this thing we call NewbsRadio.  I thought it was high time we tried to include the forefathers of culture-mapping into an episode and, being a student of the school of “It Never Hurts to Ask as Long as You Can Handle Rejection”, I contacted James and Alan and to my absolute astonishment they both agreed to help us out!

On the subject of today’s episode though, with the help of James Burke‘s handy Knowledge Web ( we managed to bounce around the last 500 years of world history in order to connect the very talented Copernicus back to himself.  So, down the road, if someone asks you how CopernicusMetallicaSimon and Garfunkel and the Boss all fit together, you can tell them you heard it here first.

So without further adieu, here is our season 2 finale, it’s also our Christmas episode so we may even have another certain special guest who may or may not have shown up for last season’s Do They Know It’s Christmas podcast.  We’ll be breaking for Christmas but we’ll be back in no time when you’re all post-Christmas broke and can’t afford any sort of entertainment that isn’t free on iTunes (this podcast is free on iTunes).


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