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It all started with a phone call, it was of course 1971 and getting the word out usually involved many phone calls.  Ravi Shankar was on one end of the call, the other, ex-Beatle George Harrison.  A combination of civil war and natural disaster was ravaging East Pakistan in the midst of the country’s desire to split and form what is today Bangladesh.  Ravi requested that George help him organize something that had never been done before on such a scale, a benefit concert with all the current rock stars, playing for free, with proceeds going to Bangladeshi relief.

This week on NewbsRadio we are talking about the Concert for Bangladesh, our conversation starts and stops with the revolutionary idea which would eventually spawn Band-Aid, Live-Aid, Farm-Aid and Chef-Aid with stops in the middle including 60s pop-culture icon Wavy Gravy, B.B. King, Eric Clapton and one of rock and roll’s lesser known muses, Chris O’Dell.

Below you can watch part of the Concert for Bangladesh including part of Ravi Shankar‘s 17 minute raga to kick off the concert.

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