The Chocolate and Cheese Podcast

The Chocolate and Cheese PodcastTHE CHOCOLATE AND CHEESE PODCAST

This week on NewbsRadio we deliver what we’ve been promising for a few months now. The Chocolate and Cheese Podcast.  It’s Ween‘s 4th record and first official studio album as their first 3 albums were recorded in Gene and Dean Ween‘s livingrooms.  It marked a departure from the DIY system and while it came out of left-field for the diehard fans, it made Ween much more accessible to a larger listening audience.  Not to say that Chocolate and Cheese isn’t brown – because it’s most certainly brown – it’s just that it’s chocolatey brown tastes like cheese.  Don’t know what that means either.

We waited to record this episode after we snagged an interview with Hank Shteamer, author of Continuum publishing’s 33 1/3 book series’ release “Chocolate and Cheese.  It’s a great read for anyone interested in Ween and the surrounding circumstance and happenings that lead Ween down a path to a more polished sound, one that they would tread for the remainder of their careers.  After listening we strongly suggest you check out where you can see what he’s up to as he is a frequent writer for Pitchfork, SPIN magazine, Modern Drummer, the Huffington Post and Time Out New York.  He also manages a website called where he interviews jazz musicians about metal and metal musicians about jazz.  Amazing.

This week start with Ween‘s classic Chocolate and Cheese and go as far away as possible including the TV sitcom Happy Days and director Spike Jonze.  Don’t ask us how we pulled this one off.  Enjoy!

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