The Best of the Best of NewbsRadio

NewbsRadio Best Of Season 1 + 2Look people, we’re not perfect.  No one is.  So when we planned out Season 3 of NewbsRadio we had planned to shoot out of the starting blocks faster than Ben Johnson on moose tranquilizers, but when an amazing guest we had planned on including ended up taking off for a quick vacay, we had to postpone and come up with a new plan.  That’s life, that’s bound to happen when you are dealing with some of the big names in music and pop-culture.

So instead of starting off Season 3 with a usual map, we decided to do a clips show – a greatest hits – and a best of episode ALL IN ONE.  David and I compiled some of our favourite NewbsRadio moments from the past 2 seasons and let them play out here for you.  Some of you may be new to the show, we’re hoping that this episode will point you in the right direction – give you an idea where to start in this wacky world we’ve conjured up.  Avid listeners, you may enjoy this episode in retrospect – some of you may not have heard every episode we’ve done and for people like me, it’s just nice to relive some of those moments again.

We’ll be back in two weeks with the official start to our Season 3 and our upcoming shows are going to blow your fragile minds when we do a U2 map, a Clash map, a Rage Against the Machine map, a Ween map and maybe a Decline of Western Civilization map?

So take a listen, enjoy the time travel as we take you back to another time, another place that is all too familiar.

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