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Last week we had our “friends” pick a bunch of different place names for us to draw out of a hat.  We agreed to each choose one and form a map around that particular place.  Eric ended up pulling Sweden and David pulled Hamilton which will be coming up next next week.  This week, we are heading to the land of the the ice and snow, you know the one with the midnight sun and where the hot springs flow – it’s good for the skin.  Because honestly, the hammer of the Gods should really drive our ships to new lands – it’s the least they can do, to, of course fight the horde, all the while, singing and crying.  Valhalla we are coming over for beers later so clean up a bit kay?

This week also marks a milestone in production for the ol’ NewbsRadio.  We have MUSIC in today’s podcast.  Sweden’s own Sarah MacDougall sits down with David Newberry and tells us her side of Sweden, she spent her first 19 years there dontchaknow?  Then she is nice enough to play us a tune from her new record.  You can find out all about Sarah on sarahmacdougall.com.

We put together another playlist to accompany this week’s playlist on the grooveshark, you can find it here: http://ow.ly/6JdDJ

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