NewbsRadio Season 2 Reloaded

NewbsRadio the Podcast Season 2 Reloaded

It’s hard to articulate just how good it feels to be back.

But we’re back baby.  NewbsRadio the Podcast is back after a short summer break, a little time to sort of recharge, take some time to enjoy the outdoors and for one of us, move a fifth of the way across the country.  NewbsRadio has always been a podcast based out of Vancouver Canada, and though it’s always going to feel that way – we are now also based out of Edmonton as well.  What does that mean for the show?  Well after we got the kinks out of the way from a tech standpoint, it’s actually feeling like the show won’t skip a beat.  We weren’t always so sure though after the initial testing – we’re now doing this with Skype.  We must stress that the quality that you’ve come to expect from NewbsRadio will not be affected by this new development.  Our team is on the pulse of the newest techy stuff and our engineer and editor Rob Malowany is certainly up to the challenge.

This particular episode is just a short we recorded when we were in the midst of getting things going.  We thought it turned out pretty okay.  So take a listen and remember that we still have all 29 other NewbsRadio episodes on this website’s archives as well as iTunes so if this is your first time to the site, this episode is in no way a good representation of what we do – listen to the other episodes.  Start at the first if you want, they all have a similar format unless indicated.  And then let us know what you think!  We can be pretty needy sometimes.  Like our stuff on here and on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Tell your friends too if you’re still into that.  Like on the phone or whatever.

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