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Is it possible to have too much caffine?

Not that we set out to prove or disprove the above question, but we came close.  After our WKRP in Cincinnati episode, you may recall that we were rudely interrupted seconds before we wrapped the show.  By a guy with a gun.  You might have wondered what happened after all that.  Well now you’ll know by listening to the latest podcast below or from iTunes.

Looking forward to next season?  Well you should be!  We have some amazing episodes and some amazing guests including comedian Ben Mills, Juno award winning Stephen Lyons from Fond of Tigers, Rheostatics‘ Dave Bidini, NPR‘s Anthony Fantano and Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche!

Thank you to everyone for checking out Season One, we’ll soon have some different looking menus on the site here, but you can always go back and re-listen to the older episodes, they are not going anywhere!

You can follow us on the twitter, and like our Facebook page with the buttons at the bottom of the screen!  See you in two weeks with our What About Bob? episode!

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