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Hey everyone! Remember us? We’re back with another episode of the pop-culture mapping podcast after a fall hiatus.  Truth is, we’ve had to renovate – the co-host.  Sadly for NewbsRadio, we have lost original co-host and founder of NewbsRadio, the other Newbs, David Newberry.  We wish him well as he concentrates more on connecting with his amazing band and less connection with these here pop-culture connections.  It’s been a great run, David.  Thank you for all your hard work these past two years.  Nothing would have gotten rolling without you.  So with that said, if you remember our Living Colour Podcast, we had Christian Zyp, host of CJSR’s Moving Radio fill in for David – well, you could say he passed the audition and he has agreed to stay on with NewbsRadio in a more or less permanent roll moving forward.  He’s also based in Edmonton so it’s a lot easier to do the show face to face.

So this week we are celebrating the life and times of Lou Reed who passed away at the end of October.  We take a look at his work with the Velvet Underground and spotlight his first 5 solo records with the help of New York based writer, Michael Kaplan, who had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with Reed in 2004.  From there we end up in some unlikely spots including the set of Van Halen‘s Hot for Teacher video… yeah it gets weird – but that’s to be expected right?  All this and more in what is to be our season 3 finale – the Lou Reed Podcast.

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