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This is one of those episodes based on something I grew up with that wasn’t at all prevalent in Christian Zyp‘s life at all. It happens both ways (see Van Halen) but we’re okay to embrace our differences and along the way educate each other as well as you, our valued listener. In 2001 I was on tour with Jimmy Eat World and then bass player Rick Bursh told me about a website he frequented simply because it was hilarious but it came with a catch – you had to have a browser that would be compatible with this thing called “Macromedia Flash“. I was already way ahead of him, after installing that thing to watch the “Napster Bad” anti-Napster cartoon from faux-Lars Ulrich and faux-James Hetfield a year earlier. Funny, as I write this, I am listening to a Metallica mp3…

Anyway, the rest is history, I found Homestar Runner and before you knew it, all my friends were in on the secret, quoting Strong Bad and Coach Z and Fhwdgads-ing. I bought t-shirts, I had coasters, action figures – the whole she-bang. I even was 2 degrees away from a guy who got his email read out by Strong Bad and that was HUGE!

So this week we are talking about my favourite web based entertainment source pre-Youtube – Homestar Runner. It’s a geeky subject so of course we are going to talk about They Might Be Giants with our bud S. Alexander Reed who co-wrote the 33 1/3 book on They Might Be Giants’ seminal 1990 release “Flood” with Phil Sandifer. You can check that book out at or on Amazon or check out your favourite local bookstore too! Along the way we get to talk about one of Christian Zyp‘s favourite sketch comedy shows, Mr. Show. It really is a show full of favourites this week. Hope you enjoy it!

We’ll see you in two weeks when our topic will be back to music and the Staples Singers with special guest Michaelangelo Matos, SPIN contributor and author of the book on Prince’s Sign o the Times. Until then, take care!

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