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A couple of things… firstly, it’s hot. It’s damn hot in Edmonton right now, but when we recorded this, it was cold, cold like the heart of Noel Gallagher, or Liam Gallagher, depending how you look at it. Sure, we recorded this awhile ago but trust me, like Oasis‘ success in the 90s, it’s all about timing.

Secondly, this episode IS about the boys in Oasis and so we need to give credit where credit is due here. We got to talk with author Alex Niven who wrote the book on Definitely Maybe for Bloomsbury’s 33 1/3 Series which just came out! We’ll be giving out copies of it – so stay tuned on the Twitter and Facebook to win your very own copy. Thanks to Tanya and all the folks over at 33 1/3 for all their support these last few months by the way.

This time round we get to talk about Oasis of course but also some cultural enigmas like a guy named Frank Farian who is basically the Thomas Edison of pop music – somewhat of an inventor if you will and he’s a really interesting dude, glad we got to talk about him. We also enjoy a refreshing Coca-Cola and while it may seem like we’re doing it for the love of the taste that you just can’t beat – it’s actually in the name of pop-culture history appreciation – but you probably already knew that.

Hope you enjoy this episode, we’re back in two weeks with an episode based on the work of Liz Phair and we’ll get to talk with rock writer Gina Arnold! ¬†Look forward to that! Until then, take care!



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