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The Copernicus Podcast

The Copernicus Podcast There was a time before NewbsRadio was even a thing to podcast and/or listen to – if you can believe it.  Yep, back then there were pre-existing methods to receive what we’re now giving.  You had James Burke’s Connections series re-runs on TLC for all your degrees of separation knowledge and Alan… Read more »

The New York Dolls Podcast

The New York Dolls Podcast really got to the bottom of things and peeled back the layers, revealing a side of the New York Dolls that you probably didn’t know existed.  The New York Dolls were the seminal punk band out of New York in the early 1970s.  Their contemporaries were Iggy and the Stooges… Read more »

The Presidents of the United States of America Podcast

The Presidents of the United States of America podcast… couldn’t have happened at a better time because coinciding with the release of this episode a new President of the United States of America has been elected.  Of course at the time of recording, David and I have no idea who won. However I am writing… Read more »

The MTV Podcast

The MTV Podcast… you are about to hear is a factual as it could be at the time we recorded it.  I say that because the MTV Podcast has the Foo Fighters in it and we don’t mention their untimely break.  It’s only untimely of course because it happened in between the recording and releasing… Read more »

The Graceland Podcast

The Graceland Podcast had us… acting as each other’s bodyguards and calling each other “Al’ while we researched everything we could to do with Paul Simon‘s epic 1986 stomper, Graceland.  The album was released at a time when both David and Eric were at their most virile and I just looked up what that means I… Read more »

The Sibling Podcast

The Sibling Podcast was mainly the result… of David and I’s laziness as we decided to take some time off to enjoy the end of summer without the constant pressure of delivering the hard hitting cartographic research you’ve come to expect from NewbsRadio.  Trust us, it was worth it as we are now back map-making… Read more »

The Hologram Tupac Podcast

The Hologram Tupac Podcast This week’s episode we decided to expand our horizons, albeit slightly, and focus on rap and hip-hop for an entire episode.  People have been requesting we do this, so of course we cizzled (caved).  We wanted to focus on something new and hip and the hologram Tupac appearing at this past… Read more »

The Dark Side of the Moon Podcast

The Dark Side of the Moon Podcast A lot of times you can tell how our episodes will shape up by the graphic above.  But this one is so gnarly (that’s good) we don’t want to give any of the twists and turns away just yet.  In this episode we go from Pink Floyd’s Dark… Read more »

The Steve Albini Podcast

The Steve Albini Podcast It’s time again for your favourite pop-culture podcast!  This week we are looking at Steve Albini, the recording engineer responsible for the sonics on Nirvana’s In Utero, The Pixies’ Surfer Rosa and of course his own work as a guitarist/song writer for Big Black and Shellac.  The inspiration for this week’s episode was… Read more »

The Warren Zevon Podcast

The Warren Zevon podcast… was probably the most enjoyable show we’ve done in some time.  Mostly because it really felt Zevon inspired.  Most times when we formulate an episode we are mad scrambling around, feeling like we have serious OCD, changing our minds about how the show should go and then changing it again.  But… Read more »