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WKRP in Cincinnati Podcast

WKRP in Cincinnati was one of the best sitcoms ever… but if you watched it now, in it’s current form, you may notice that it’s missing something.  Something say… je ne cais quoi?  Well if you get the feeling you’ve been cheated, you’re bang on correct.  See, WKRP in Cincinnati was set in a late… Read more »

Neil Young Podcast

The Neil Young Podcast… was a lot of fun because it allowed us to get up close to the scene right here in Vancouver!  I am sure it comes as a surprise to Jesse Gander (Operation Makeout) that he is only two degrees from Liberace and that the Japandroids are three degrees from Phillip Seymour… Read more »

The Concert For Bangladesh

The Concert for Bangladesh Podcast… It all started with a phone call, it was of course 1971 and getting the word out usually involved many phone calls.  Ravi Shankar was on one end of the call, the other, ex-Beatle George Harrison.  A combination of civil war and natural disaster was ravaging East Pakistan in the… Read more »

A Very Newbsy Christmas

Twas a month before Christmas… and all through the room, Bob Geldof watching the news of Ethiopian doom. Yeah that’s pretty much how it all started – Band Aid I mean.  Soon-to-be Sir Geldof was watching a BBC special on the Ethiopian famine when he had a vision, a picture in his head, a picture… Read more »

The Stand By Me Episode

There comes a time in every young man’s life, where he has to see a dead body.  Stephen King knew this of course, being the sick bastard that he is, and so he wrote a book called Stand By Me.  Rob Reiner put down a hoagie just long enough to done got his hands on… Read more »

The Pauls Boutique Episode

Paul’s Boutique is… now one of the most respected rap albums of all time, it just took some time for everyone to take notice.  Critically hailed as genius but too different than their debut “License to Ill” to be commercially viable the album was branded a bonafide flop.  At it’s root, it was a sampling… Read more »

The Last Waltz 35th Anniversary Special

It was 35 years ago to the day that the original line up of the Band appeared on stage at Winterland in San Francisco for the last time.  The event was captured by film-maker Martin Scorcese and released as “The Last Waltz” – arguably the greatest concert film ever made.  Today on NewbsRadio we sit… Read more »

Ritchie Valens to Ritchie Valens

They say that the only certain things in life are death and taxes.  We here at NewbsRadio have yet another item to add to that sage old saying.  Laundry.  That is, the only things that are certain in life are death, taxes and laundry.  How would this apply to a podcast called Ritchie Valens to… Read more »

Appetite to Appetite

Appetite for Destruction Considered to be Guns n’ Roses‘ opus.  One of the biggest selling albums of all time and certainly one of the releases that helped stomp out the hair metal movement of the 80s.  It was arguably top of the heap at a time when the music industry was on the defence after… Read more »

Hamilton to Hamilton

Hamilton to Hamilton Sometimes it’s best to go with what you know.  And since we don’t know anything about Hamilton Ontario we were lucky enough to know Hamilton blogger Seema Narula from to help us fill in the blanks.   We touch on the great city of Hamilton and somehow end up filling your head with… Read more »