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Celine Dion Overdub
Celine Dion Overdubbing? SACREBLEU!

Today I found one of the best overdubs ever.  It’s from the scene in The Big Lebowski where Walter goes apeshit on Larry’s Corvette with a crowbar.  I don’t know which network was responsible for this, but I just moved, “Coming up with hilarious things to overdub over flagrant language when movies are shown on network TV”, two notches higher on my “Best jobs of all time” list – nipping on the heels of Show-Dog Champion.  And it got me thinking of all the other hilarious instances of hilarious and best overdubs ever.  Here is a link to the Big Lebowski hilarious overdub here:

This overdub may go down in history in the top overdubs ever.  Mainly because the wording replaced is so random and makes no sense in relation to the content though totally covers the duration and metre of the expletive.  Whoever came up with this overdub should go down in history as a a four-letter word.  Hero.

My favourite overdub up until today was from the John Candy/Dan Aykroyd family comedy “The Great Outdoors“.  There is a scene where someone tells someone else to “blow it out your ass”.  Now in this instance the replacement word for ass (which wouldn’t need to be overdubbed in this day and age) is “kazoo”.  If they did it once it wouldn’t make such an impact, but they do it over and over again.  Let me see if I can find it on the Youtube…

Okay there it is, sans “kazoo” but if you hit “7” on your keyboard while watching it, you will see the scene and have to imagine how funny it had “kazoo”.  I can picture the overdub session where every voice actor had to say kazoo with different inflection to make this scene really come together.  That day, fun was spelled k-a-z-o-o.  Side note, whoever put that up on Youtube, stop.  Just stop.

Then there are these new intentionally funny overdubs.  Whereby someone has purposefully added an overdub in a comedic way.  Jimmy Kimmel has been doing this for a while now with his “Unnecessary Censorship” but in a musical sense I just came across this one today while doing research.  Watch as the all-powerful Brad Roberts rips into Crash Test Dummies‘ Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm after explaining how he totally pwned his record label.

But my favourite all-time has to be this overdub by the master, .

The above Creed song has gone beyond overdubbing the song, but instead the guy has overdubbed the broadcast, angle-for-angle.  The guitar, vocals and drums are all pretty spot on flubs.  It’s pretty brilliant.  My favourite part is the silent crowd and the echoey clapping.  Makes me laugh every time.  There are other Creed overdubs by  on Youtube, but this one is the best IMO.

I will leave you with the most notorious overdub of all-time.  I give you, the great Milli-Vanilli swindle.

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