Best Music Video Ever?

I haven’t been keeping up with music videos because of late, deliveries from artists who have big budgets to burn are dropping formulaic, irrelevant, banal minutia.  Not only has what constitutes a hit video changed (see Rebecca Black) but MTV/MuchMusic’s will to feature music videos has taken a back seat to, well you know…  Seems like even Radiohead aren’t trying anymore with the new video of Thom just flailing around for 5 minutes.  What is the point of a music video though?  To further propagate the sale of a product?  I guess that would be the obvious cynical stance.

If that is the case then consider me sold on the new Foo Fighters product.

To put it quite plainly, this video kicks every other music video in the junk.  Easily my favourite music video in the post-9/11 era.  It’s just weird enough in a Foo Fighters sort of way (see the video for Big Me), the Lemmy Kilmister cameo and the degraded quality is a nice touch.  It’s everything music videos have tried not to be since 1982.  Campy, irreverent and cheap.  Unless you count:

Thinking more about it, I’d say another one of my favourite videos (in a pre-9/11 world) had to be the Spike Jonze directed video for Fat Boy Slim’s Praise You.  It’s also campy as frick:

What is your favourite music video?  And do you agree that the best videos of the past 20 some-odd years are the ones poking fun at the very medium itself?

UPDATE: a twitter submission from @mpah for best music video ever:

Bloodgroup – Hips Again

Another twitter submission from @DavidAntrobus:

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