Appetite to Appetite

NewbsRadio Episode 9 Appetite to Appetite

Appetite for Destruction

Considered to be Guns n’ Roses‘ opus.  One of the biggest selling albums of all time and certainly one of the releases that helped stomp out the hair metal movement of the 80s.  It was arguably top of the heap at a time when the music industry was on the defence after Tipper Gore and the Parents Music Resource Center movement tried and failed to stop albums like Appetite from being released in the first place.

This week on NewbsRadio we take a look at the Guns n’ Roses classic Appetite for Destruction and you won’t believe where it takes us.  Seriously, we touch on Buddy Holly, the Cars, Timothy Hutton and Tibetan freedom as we wrap around back to Appetite.  We also have an interview with Shockk Mongoose from the East-Vancouver based band, Mongoose.  He recalls the first time he met ex-Guns n’ Roses drummer Steven Adler when his band opened up for Adler’s most recent musical project, Adler’s Appetite.  Mongoose were nice enough to let us air their track Mr. Skeleton too!  Thanks guys!  Check them out at

As always, we comprised a soundtrack on so you can hear examples of what the heck we’re even talking aboot.

Finally, I mentioned a pink llama, and so I am sure you’ll want to know what I meant by that.  Actually, what I meant was, Grass Mud Horse:

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