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There’s something about partying that just gets the party started. This week on NewbsRadio we are talking about Andrew WK‘s 2001 debut “I Get Wet” and since we’re partnered up with Bloomsbury’s 33 1/3 series, we have been giving Phillip Crandall‘s book on “I Get Wet” away all month. Phillip was nice enough to chat to us about his new book, we had a good time, trust us.

Also on the podcast, we have Jay Runham from whose Edmonton based show seems to get him invited to parties and such so we thought to ourselves, together, this is guy we need to party with more often. That and we heard he did an amazing Victoria Nuland impression – which came in mighty handy.

Finally we have Robert Mulder from the Liverpool based band, HighFields.  We caught Robert as he was home partying with his family over the holidays right here in jolly old Edmonton.  Robert just graduated from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, sort of a Fame School if you will, based in Liverpool and started by Sir Paul McCartney.  Robert tells us about the time he got to sit down and party-jam with Sir Paul.

During our journey we touch on The Culture Club and Michael Jackson just to cover all the bases.

Remember that we are still giving away books from 33 1/3 in February – this month it is Marc Weidenbaum‘s book based on Aphex Twin‘s “Selected Ambient Works Vol. II” which we will talk about in our next episode based on the 2004 sleeper hit movie, Napoleon Dynamite.  See you in two weeks!

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