A Very Newbsy Christmas

NewbsRadio - A Very Newbsy Xmas

Twas a month before Christmas…

and all through the room, Bob Geldof watching the news of Ethiopian doom.

Yeah that’s pretty much how it all started – Band Aid I mean.  Soon-to-be Sir Geldof was watching a BBC special on the Ethiopian famine when he had a vision, a picture in his head, a picture of THIS! (holds up pencil sketch of the flux capacitor) no no no sorry, that’s not it.  He decided that it would be  a great idea to call up his bro Midge Ure and a) write a song that would become to be known as “one of the worst songs ever written”, according to Geldof himself – or/and b) to pen a ditty that would quickly become one of the fastest selling songs of the era with proceeds going to Ethiopian relief.  The latter being the goal, but he ended up accomplishing both anyway.

Today on NewbsRadio we have sort of an Xmas Podcast short for you, to tide you over until we return in the new year.  By the skin of our teeth we scramble together a map that takes people who were involved in the singing of “Do They Know It’s Christmas” – we even have our own Xmas miracle maybe hmmm?

Thank you to all of you who have been following us since Episode 1, we want to wish you the happiest of happy good times this holiday season.  But remember that Christmas was invented by Coke and The Coca-Cola Company offers more than 500 brands in over 200 countries, besides its namesake Coca-Cola beverage.  So, however you celebrate, Coke’s got you covered.  Amen.

Take care.

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