The Slayer Podcast

NewbsRadio Slayer PodcastThe Slayer Podcast

This week on NewbsRadio, we’re talking Slayer. It’s been a while since we’ve felt so close to the dark lord here on NewbsRadio, but we’ve put it off long enough. It’s time, it’s time to get in touch with our bad selves. And I do mean bad. Slayer are arguably the scariest band to come out of the 80s metal scene, or if you don’t agree with that, you’ve got to agree that they were the most popular/scariest band out of the 80s. No one was quite like Slayer. So we wanted to do this right, in fear of Kerry King visiting us in our dreams Freddie Kruger styles for years to come, so we invited the guy who probably knows Slayer better than SlayerD. X. Ferris. D. X. has written the Bloomsbury’s 33 1/3 book about Slayer’s Reign in Blood and more recently wrote another Slayer book entitled:

Slayer 66 2/3: The Jeff and Dave Years – A Metal Band Biography

It actually has 96 words in the title, and Christian Zyp nails all of them later in the episode so get ready for that. Click the link above to get yourself a copy from the Amazon. You should also go and follow D.X. Ferris on twitter right now because he is hilarious.

We also talk about South Park episodes with Bob from the Edmonton band Black Mastiff whose just wrapped a tour with Portland’s Red Fang and will be accompanying the Smalls on their cross Canada reunion tour. If you don’t know the Smalls then we don’t know what we’re going to do with you. Black Mastiff also recorded their latest album down in California with Kyuss’ John Garcia – talk about connections! Follow Black Mastiff on the twitter and here is the latest video from Black Mastiff for your listening enjoyment:

Then finally we have D.X. Ferris’ mom on the show and she’s a real special lady Trent Wilke, part of Mostly Water Theatre steps up to help us out too! You can follow him on the twitter over on the twitter.

Thanks to all our guests for making it on the show, you made the show. And thanks to all the listeners! We’ll be back in a few weeks with an episode based on the work of Russ Meyer! BOOBS!

The Spacehog Podcast

NewbsRadio Spacehog Jonny Cragg MovieJerksThe Spacehog Podcast

This week on Newbsradio I realized how crap WordPress is to make a post while on my phone as I’m on vacation right now. It’s terrible. But you know what isn’t terrible? This episode of Newbsradio. This week we get to talk with a hero of mine, Jonny Cragg, drummer and original gangster/founding member of Spacehog as well as J. P. Fornier of the Movie Jerks Podcast from here in Edmonton. I’m saying that like I’m in Edmonton, but I’m in Vegas. So let me get back to that – enjoy the show! Thanks to Jonny and J. P. for being solid guests!

The Exile in Guyville Podcast

NewbsRadio Gina Arnold LIz PhairThe Exile in Guyville Podcast

This week on NewbsRadio, the pop-culture connections podcast, we’re talking about Liz Phair‘s critically acclaimed album, “Exile in Guyville“. To help us along with our journey of connectivity we’ve got none other than Gina Arnold, writer extrordinaire who just so happens to have penned the book on Exile in Guyville which is now currently available via 33 1/3 ( Along the way we get to talk about Moby AND director and generally creative guy, David Lynch.

Here’s a sample of what we’re talking with, first, off of Moby‘s immensely popular album “Play“, it’s the track “Porcelain” which appeared in commercials for Porsche, Polo, Bosch and France Telecom:

Then, if you’re keeping track at home, we talk about David Lynch‘s “Dumbland” so here’s a… well… strange… it’s half an hour of the show:

That was SO WEIRD.

Okay, well now you’re caught up. Enjoy the show and we’ll see you in two weeks with an episode revolving around the band, Spacehog!


The Definitely Maybe Podcast

NewbsRadio The Definitely Maybe PodcastThe Definitely Maybe Podcast

A couple of things… firstly, it’s hot. It’s damn hot in Edmonton right now, but when we recorded this, it was cold, cold like the heart of Noel Gallagher, or Liam Gallagher, depending how you look at it. Sure, we recorded this awhile ago but trust me, like Oasis‘ success in the 90s, it’s all about timing.

Secondly, this episode IS about the boys in Oasis and so we need to give credit where credit is due here. We got to talk with author Alex Niven who wrote the book on Definitely Maybe for Bloomsbury’s 33 1/3 Series which just came out! We’ll be giving out copies of it – so stay tuned on the Twitter and Facebook to win your very own copy. Thanks to Tanya and all the folks over at 33 1/3 for all their support these last few months by the way.

This time round we get to talk about Oasis of course but also some cultural enigmas like a guy named Frank Farian who is basically the Thomas Edison of pop music – somewhat of an inventor if you will and he’s a really interesting dude, glad we got to talk about him. We also enjoy a refreshing Coca-Cola and while it may seem like we’re doing it for the love of the taste that you just can’t beat – it’s actually in the name of pop-culture history appreciation – but you probably already knew that.

Hope you enjoy this episode, we’re back in two weeks with an episode based on the work of Liz Phair and we’ll get to talk with rock writer Gina Arnold!  Look forward to that! Until then, take care!



The Rush Podcast

Rush Podcast NewbsRadioThe Rush Podcast

After taking most of the summer off from recording, Christian Zyp and I are back with another instalment of your favourite pop-culture connection podcast, NewbsRadio. This time, we’re talking Canadian Rock Legends, Rush. And of course when you’re talking about Rush, you’re going to Rush off on all sorts of cosmic/nautical tangents and in this episode we end up talking about the flop that was Episode I: The Phantom Menace AND the flop that is Sinbad, the comic – not the sailor. How do all these things rush? Well we needed some help from some ringers so we were happy to invite the creators of the NBC/TNT TV show, The Pretender, to help us along in our journey. Steven Long Mitchell and Craig W. Van Sickle ended up giving us a lot to rush on and then just for good measure we ended up getting a local Edmontonian with a valuable tendency in the early 80s of being on set during the filming of the Canadian sketch comedy program, SCTV. The best part about the Rush episode is, we didn’t Rush to get it out. So be prepared for slick references from April 2014, heh heh.

Next time we’re going to be talking about Oasis and Milli Vanilli with 33 1/3 author all the way from London, Alex Niven. Until then, take care!

The Gang of Four Podcast

Gang of Four NewbsRadio Kevin DettmarThe Gang of Four Podcast

Welcome back to your favourite pop-culture connections podcast! It’s been a fast and furious two weeks, glad to have you back on board for another episode. What can we say that we haven’t already said about Gang of Four? Well a lot, since we’ve never mentioned them before nor do we really have a clue about their music. So like so many times before, when we find ourselves clueless, we call on the specialist to help us out. This week on NewbsRadio, we are talking Gang of Four with Bloomsbury 33 1/3 author and english professor, Kevin Dettmar. His book on Gang of Four is out TODAY and you can get it from or or order it through your favourite local bookstore.

  This week, beyond getting schooled in Gang of Four wonderment, we are also planning on: a) eating tonnes of spinach dip and b) kicking some ass. Looks like Christian Zyp is all out of spinach dip. Okay, Zyp never runs out of spinach dip nor does he have a shortage of merch from Canadian bands from the 90s nor can we kick anyone’s ass. We are good at linking videos we talk about and I did tell you to check out Rymes with Orange, so I might as well make it easy for you to do so:


  So there’s that. Also, we’re talking about Randy Rhodes, the Doors last appearance on the Ed Sullivan show, Slade, and asteroid belts? WHAAAA?  It’s all going to make sense when you listen.

  So here are you options for the next 90 minutes or so: have Sammy Hagar grab you the worst chair in the history of on stage chairs, chug back some JD, drink your face off and play bass as good or better than Van Halen’s Michael Anthony:


  Or you could let the professionals manage what you hear for the next hour and a half because that’s got to be why you’re hear. If you can play bass better than a drunk off his ass Michael Anthony (who can’t?) we’d love to see you do it. Leave us links to your impression and also if you do audition for American or Canadian Idol, let us know too. We want to make fun of you congratulate you.

  We are taking our inaugural mid-season break after this episode to catch up on light reading because we just found our sunglasses (they were in the box with the camping stuff). So we’ll see you in a month – in the mean time you can scroll back through our catalog to the other 50 some odd episodes which are all about connections. We just hit 25,000 all-time listens in the past 2 weeks so thank you !  We’re also still giving away books from 33 1/3 so remember to listen for that call to action so you can get some light reading done yourselves.

Take care.


The Staples Singers Podcast

The Staples Singers NewbsRadioThe Staples Singers Podcast

This week on NewbsRadio we are tracking down the connections between the wonderfully godly sounds of the Staples Singers and Axl Rose‘s sexy collaboration with Steven Adler‘s girlfriend for the vocal take on Rocket Queen. That’s what we challenged ourselves to do anyway – and of course we did it. But along the way we got to speak with author Michaelangelo Matos a frequent contributor to SPIN and the guy behind Bloomsbury’s 33 1/3 series’ Sign o the Times by Prince. You can check out to buy that gem of a stack of paper with a cover. Thanks to Mr. Matos for carving out some time to chat with us.

It’s March 12th today and so we promised to link to a video compilation of our favourite voice actor and the subject of our Frank Welker Podcast, so here it is in all it’s glory.

If you can believe it, last time I looked, Welker is just behind Sam Jackson in all-time gross sales if you added up all the box office receipts from films they’ve been involved with. He actually owned the category from 1980 until 2011 until he was surpassed by Sam Jackson.

Anyway, that’s Frank Welker, check out our Frank Welker Podcast after listening to this episode – it’s really good.

Our next episode is going to be about Gang of Four’s Entertainment! and we’re getting to chat with author Kevin Dettmar whose book about that album is being released in March 2014. We should have some copies of that to give away soon, so stay tuned!

Finally, going to leave you with this, it’s the first track off Graffiti Bridge and probably the worst piece of garbage I’ve heard since Guns and Roses got back together without Slash. Can’t Stop This Feeling I’ve Got.


The Homestar Runner Podcast

Homestar Runner NewbsRadioThe Homestar Runner Podcast

This is one of those episodes based on something I grew up with that wasn’t at all prevalent in Christian Zyp‘s life at all. It happens both ways (see Van Halen) but we’re okay to embrace our differences and along the way educate each other as well as you, our valued listener. In 2001 I was on tour with Jimmy Eat World and then bass player Rick Bursh told me about a website he frequented simply because it was hilarious but it came with a catch – you had to have a browser that would be compatible with this thing called “Macromedia Flash“. I was already way ahead of him, after installing that thing to watch the “Napster Bad” anti-Napster cartoon from faux-Lars Ulrich and faux-James Hetfield a year earlier. Funny, as I write this, I am listening to a Metallica mp3…

Anyway, the rest is history, I found Homestar Runner and before you knew it, all my friends were in on the secret, quoting Strong Bad and Coach Z and Fhwdgads-ing. I bought t-shirts, I had coasters, action figures – the whole she-bang. I even was 2 degrees away from a guy who got his email read out by Strong Bad and that was HUGE!

So this week we are talking about my favourite web based entertainment source pre-Youtube – Homestar Runner. It’s a geeky subject so of course we are going to talk about They Might Be Giants with our bud S. Alexander Reed who co-wrote the 33 1/3 book on They Might Be Giants’ seminal 1990 release “Flood” with Phil Sandifer. You can check that book out at or on Amazon or check out your favourite local bookstore too! Along the way we get to talk about one of Christian Zyp‘s favourite sketch comedy shows, Mr. Show. It really is a show full of favourites this week. Hope you enjoy it!

We’ll see you in two weeks when our topic will be back to music and the Staples Singers with special guest Michaelangelo Matos, SPIN contributor and author of the book on Prince’s Sign o the Times. Until then, take care!

The Napoleon Dynamite Podcast

NewbsRadio Napoleon Dynamite Jon Gries

The Napoleon Dynamite Podcast

These podcasts just keep getting more and more funner to make. I feel like my spelling and grammer has suffered though, communicating souly in the verbal relm. But it small price to pay, not nearly as costly like auto-correct though, that stuff make you lazy and bankrupt your sole.

So this week we are turning our focus to a little film, you may have heard of it, Napoleon Dynamite – the little film that could. Both Zyp and I have great memories to accompany this film and go to great lengths to communicate that to you. I fancied the time that I got to chat with Jon Gries (Uncle Rico) and all the while I just happened to have a tape recorder catching the whole thing – quite convenient. If that isn’t convenient enough for you, our journey takes us from Jon Gries and his new project, Another Man’s Gun, which is a classic western film in the development phase, all the way to Aphex Twin‘s music which may or may not be up your alley, but speaking of alleys. Kristie, Kristie Alley.  Am I right?

So buckle your seatbelts but not too tight because you’re going to want to get at your pockets because if you’re like me, it’s really hard to get at your wallet if you’re buckled in too tight and then you’re fumbling around while the drive thru attendant is waiting for you to pay for the Whopper combo.  And speaking combos, to compliment the conversation I had Jon Gries, Christian Zyp and I also sat down with author of the 33 1/3 book on Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works Vol II, Marc Weidenbaum. He’s also the man behind so if you’re into the ambient genre please check out his work over there. Marc Weidenbaum‘s book is the newest in the 33 1/3 cannon and we’ll be giving away copies in the month of February 2014. You’ll have to listen to win but of course you can also buy the book via or Amazon will have it too.

Other stops in today’s map – the UK’s Tears for Fears and an industry theme music juggernaut that you may have not heard of named Mike Post. So I guess  you could say that things are getting pretty serious over here at NewbsRadio. Enjoy!

The Andrew WK Podcast

NewbsRadio Andrew WK PodcastThe Andrew WK Podcast

There’s something about partying that just gets the party started. This week on NewbsRadio we are talking about Andrew WK‘s 2001 debut “I Get Wet” and since we’re partnered up with Bloomsbury’s 33 1/3 series, we have been giving Phillip Crandall‘s book on “I Get Wet” away all month. Phillip was nice enough to chat to us about his new book, we had a good time, trust us.

Also on the podcast, we have Jay Runham from whose Edmonton based show seems to get him invited to parties and such so we thought to ourselves, together, this is guy we need to party with more often. That and we heard he did an amazing Victoria Nuland impression – which came in mighty handy.

Finally we have Robert Mulder from the Liverpool based band, HighFields.  We caught Robert as he was home partying with his family over the holidays right here in jolly old Edmonton.  Robert just graduated from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, sort of a Fame School if you will, based in Liverpool and started by Sir Paul McCartney.  Robert tells us about the time he got to sit down and party-jam with Sir Paul.

During our journey we touch on The Culture Club and Michael Jackson just to cover all the bases.

Remember that we are still giving away books from 33 1/3 in February – this month it is Marc Weidenbaum‘s book based on Aphex Twin‘s “Selected Ambient Works Vol. II” which we will talk about in our next episode based on the 2004 sleeper hit movie, Napoleon Dynamite.  See you in two weeks!